Kids and Youth at SCC

Sunday School (1-5yrs)

We currently run a toddlers and young childrens group during our Sunday services at Falcon Lodge Community Centre. The main aim of this group is to teach the kids that Jesus loves them. The session usually consists of a well known Bible story, a relating small craft and then some games.

Monday Club (4-9yrs)

On a Monday Evening during School term time, the Church youth team runs a group called Monday Club. During this session we always play some games (such as Tig and Tag and Dodgeball) with the group. Following this there is a Bible Story or lesson and a big arts and craft session relating to the story aswell. In the past we have made crafts like instruments, books and all sorts of other fun things!

Youth Cafe (9-16yrs)

This is a group that was established to allow young people to forge new relationships with God. To be able to know Him and the love and purpose that He brings into your life. This is at the centre of all the youth programs of the church.

We spend time having fun, talking and laughing, playing table tennis, pool, air hockey, computer games, playing team games and sports, ice-skating, bowling and dancing to name but a few. The highlight of the year is the residential trip that forms an integral part of the program. So far we have been able to go on a canal trip and serveral camping trips.

The God Bus (12-20yrs)

The bus is used for lots of different works. These include carnivals, schools work, outreach on the high street, but the main work of the bus is amongst the young people of Falcon Lodge. One evening every week you will find our workers establishing and developing relationships with these guys. Reaching out to them with the love of God. Many young people have come to know Jesus through this outreach.