Adults at SCC

Prayer meeting

We have a weekly prayer meeting that focuses on seeking what God is saying to His people, specifically in relation to the areas of concern surrounding the church, its' members and the community. Their intercession forms an integral part of church life and is critical to the success of the church.

Social Activities

The social life of the church is important so that we as a church can become closer as a family, learning to love and support each other through the many trials of life. We meet together on a weekly basis to enjoy fellowship; we join together for a shared lunch every other month. We also enjoy spending time together eating and doing other informal activities during the course of the year.

International Links

The church maintains close links with the crossfire trust in Northern Ireland. They are a faith based charity which cares for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs for the people in South Amagh. They have many aspects of their minisrty including poverty relief, family support, prison visitation, bus coffee bar, youth work etc. We have had regular visitations to and from our church.

In recent years the church has developed close links with the church in Brazil. Pastor Henry Wattis has taught in the Bible school in Sao Paolo and developed a close relationship with the leadership of Sara Nossa Terra Church in Brasilia. These relationships provide both an invaluable support to us as a church, but also amazing inspiration with many thousands attending these churches. We are praying to see here in the UK, the revival experienced in the Brazilian church.

One of the results of this was us coming to develop a relationship with Suzanna Walker. She is a missionary working for AWYesa in Mozambique (originally from Brazil). Their ministry involves setting up bible colleges, vocational centres, mobile medical clinics, mercy ministries, youth and childrens works.